Monday, March 5, 2012

Weapon of Choice: Roasting Pan

Roasting is one of my very favorite ways to cook. I absolutely loved the deep, caramelized flavors that come from slow roasting. Turkey, chicken, prime rib...they all bring me great joy when roasted in my oven. My weapon of choice for roasting is an All Clad Non-Stick Roasting Pan. If you've read my earlier postings, you know I'm a big fan of All Clad cookware. It's quality stuff and this roasting pan is no different.

What I really like about this pan is the non-stick interior. If you've ever roasted in a conventional steel pan, you know those drippings can get baked on and are an absolute bear to get clean. This non-stick interior makes clean-up a breeze. It also makes it very easy to create a pan sauce as nothing sticks to the pan. The non-stick interior also makes this pan a natural for's great for lasagna and casseroles.

While the pan is advertised as large enough to hold a 20 pound turkey, I have used it for turkeys weighing as much 24 pounds. It will easily handle all of your roasting needs. The pan is available at both Williams Sonoma and be advised that the latter has it for $50 cheaper! Check it out here:

Now I also bought a specialty roasting pan by All Clad....a chicken roaster. It's a totally unnecessary one needs to have this pan. But it's slicker than frog hair and I just had to have it. The chicken hangs by an arm in mid-air, so the entire bird is exposed to the heat. On the arm is a small trough which is used as a flavor infuser. You can fill it with wine, beer or herbs and use it to infuse flavor in the chicken from the inside out.

I like to fill the bottom of the pan with vegetables, which not only get roasted in the process, but they also get bathed in all of that sumptuous chicken fat that drips off the bird during roasting. Now that may not be the healthiest way to prepare roasted vegetables, but I'm here to tell you it is one of the most delicious ways to prepare them.

This specialty chicken roasting pan is only available at Williams Sonoma. And at $180, it's very expensive.  You don't really need it as the roasting pan on top will do the job just as well. And if it's flavor infusing you are after, you can just spend $35 and get yourself a Norpro Vertical Roaster/Infuser from Amazon or Target. But I've never met an All Clad pan that I didn't love...and how can one possibly find fault with having too many All Clad pans?