Sunday, March 25, 2012

Move over, Kim Crawford

Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite summertime sipping wine. I'm especial fond of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs...our domestic wines just don't hold a candle to them. Kim Crawford has always been my champion Sauvignon Blanc. But it's a bit pricey at $17.99 a bottle...$10.99 if you can find it on sale.

I stumbled on Starborough Sauvignon Blanc and I was really impressed. It's very dry and tart. There is a delicious explosion of flavors in every sip...grass, kiwi, lemon and guava to name just a few. There's no question that this wine can go head-to-head with Kim Crawford in the ring. And then I found out it will win every fight by a knockout...I paid just $8.33 for this bottle of wine. Down goes Frazier!

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