Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weapon of Choice: Garlic Press

This stainless steel gem is one precision instrument. Pick up this OXO garlic press and you will be stunned by it's heft. This is no 98-pound weakling...this thing turns garlic cloves into pulp and juice with no effort whatsoever. Since I acquired this remarkable tool, I have not minced an ounce of garlic. Any recipe that calls for minced garlic gets the equivalent amount of garlic run through this garlic press.

It's incredibly easy to use. Just plop some cloves into the receptacle and squeeze the arms together. Voila! Instant pressed garlic. Reverse the arms and the self-cleaning action clears out the receptacle. Rinse under the faucet, dry it off and stick it back in the drawer for next time.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Go read the 200+ reviews on Amazon, where you can pick this gem up for just $19.99:  If you have a friend or loved one that cooks, buy them this garlic press. They will keep it forever and use it often...what could make a better gift?

And speaking of garlic, we use it by the bucketload in the Gruggen household. Our home is the last place on earth that the vampire Lestat would ever visit. But you won't catch me buying heads of garlic and spending hours peeling those silly cloves. I buy Christopher Ranch Peeled Garlic from Costco. A three-pound bag costs just $5.80. I find that a bag will keep for roughly four weeks in the fridge. You'll find this great product in the refrigerated produce section at Costco.

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