Sunday, October 16, 2011

Giants Sunflower Seeds

Ever since I was a little boy, sunflower seeds have been my favorite snack. In my early years, I'd bike down to the market on 54th and France in Edina where you could buy a nice big bag of Fisher salted-in-the-shell sunflower seeds for just a nickel.

My favorite brand these days is Giants. As their name implies, these sunflower seeds are huge...typically twice the size of regular sunflower seeds. They have a brand new flavor that I really like. It's called Kettle Roast. It's a low sodium version of their regular sunflower seeds that has only 3% sodium. The sodium that is there is from sea salt.

Sunflower seeds are very healthy. They contain the kind of fat that's good for you, are low in carbohydrates, high in dietary fiber and are packed with vitamins. I buy them by the case (12, 5-ounce bags for $25). Check them out here:

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