Monday, September 26, 2011

Beef Jerky

A year ago at this time, my fellow CrossFitters and I attended a seminar hosted by the famous Food Nazis, Whole 9. While I did pick up some very useful knowledge, I was mostly horrified by their cult-like philosophy on how we all should eat. Think Jim Jones and his attractive assistant handing out cups of Paleo Kool-Aid. While no one was going to die that day, all followers would be condemned to a life of terminal food monotony. No pasta. No bread. No beer. No wine. Every meal a depressing descent into the yawning abyss of boredom.

I did, however, pick up useful information on how to properly stoke the furnace for my noon CrossFit workouts. The workouts at CrossFit can be really tough, especially those metcon nasties. I'm up before 6am each day and my first meal is at 6:15am. That meal consists of 2 strips of bacon, 2-3 servings of fruit and lots of water. Then it's off for my morning walk with my wife and dog. At 10am, it's time for meal #2. Following the Whole 9 regimen, I eat a salad, concentrated protein and fat in the form of a handful of nuts. And a lot more water.

The concentrated protein that Whole 9 recommends is beef jerky. But it has to be healthy beef sodium nitrites, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients. If you've ever shopped beef jerky, that's all but impossible to find. In fact, I could only find it at Whole Foods and you needed a second mortgage in order to buy it. But all that just changed in the last month.

Costco has always carried Oberto Beef Jerky, but it had all the bad stuff in it. But I am happy to report that Oberto just reformulated their beef jerky and all the bad stuff is gone. The new Oberto beef jerky is made from steak and it's all natural with no nitrites, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients. It's just pure beef jerky that will make the Food Nazis happy! Best of all, no second mortgage needed. Costco bundles two, nine ounce packs together for just $14.49. It's great stuff and you will be happy to have it in your pantry...and in your belly when it's time for the CrossFit Workout Of the Day.

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