Saturday, April 30, 2022

Refried Fried Chicken


I love fried chicken. But I'm really picky about how and when it's served. It's gotta be fresh out of the oil....piping hot...and that chicken skin better be friggin' potato chip crisp. Miss out on any of those and it's game over.

I have a confession to make. In all my years in the kitchen, I have never, ever attempted to make fried chicken. I just look at a fried chicken recipe and my eyes glaze over. Way too tedious. Way too much work. Way too much to clean up. And I know my very best effort would not hold a candle to KFC on their worst day.

But, I'm just not a fan of the fast food dining experience. The ambience of a restaurant with furniture, floors and walls that can all be hosed down each evening leaves me wanting. Not a fan of their wine list, either. So how do I get that fresh oil taste, piping hot and potato chip crisp chicken at home? I cheat.

Say hello to my little friend.....the air fryer. It makes refried chicken at home so stinking easy. So here's how I accomplish this. I just go buy whatever fully cooked, fried chicken I feel like eating that night. Then I take it home and toss it in the fridge.

One hour before Becky and are I going to eat, I spread the chicken out on a platter and let it come to room temperature. Then into an air fryer (with a light spray of oil) for 5 minutes. Then flip the chicken pieces over and air fry them for another 5 minutes. All done. 

A bucket of really good fried chicken
Spray cooking oil

  1. One hour prior to eating, remove chicken from fridge and spread out on a platter so that it comes to room temperature. 
  2. Take 6-8 pieces and spread them out on the bottom off your air fryer. Do not crowd the pieces and they should not touch. Give them a light spray of cooking oil.
  3. Close air fryer and cook chicken for 5 minutes at 350º (no preheating necessary). After 5 minutes, flip pieces, add a light spray of oil and cook for another 5 minutes at 350º. Then serve.

Pairing: Champagne*

* I know things. And one of the things I know is that you will be absolutely blown away by the pairing of champagne and fried chicken. At first blush it seems illogical. But I guarantee that once you try it, you will be a convert for life. I have never cared for champagne, but what it does paired with fried chicken is astounding.

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