Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pomegranate: Breakfast of Champions

I always start my day with a big helping of fruit. However, seasonality plays a major role in what's available. During the fall,  I cherish those sinfully sweet Honeycrisp apples. The ones that are available now are from South America and they do not taste as good as the domestic apples.

But this time of year is cause to rejoice, for we are in prime pomegranate season. Now for anyone that has tried seeding a pomegranate, you know what a giant hassle that can be. You can do it in the sink, but your sink will end up looking like Lizzy Borden just got done cleaning her entire axe collection.

The second easiest way to seed a pomegranate is to do it in a bowl of water. The seeds are heavy and sink to the bottom while the pith simply floats. But again, this requires a lot of work. And to get a decent size meal for one person, you actually have to seed two pomegranates. But now I will share my recipe on the easiest way to prepare a pomegranate breakfast. And all you need is your Costco Card.

Make your way to the fresh produce section at Costco and look for the package pictured above. A California company called PomWonderful has gone to all of the trouble of seeding the pomegranate for you. You simply pop the cap on a container and dig in with your spoon. Each package contains the seeds of 4 pomegranates. This two-serving, one pound package of pomegranate seeds sells for just $6.99, which is the cheapest price ever for a little bit of heaven.

When you bite into these seeds, you will be astounded by the taste. They are incredibly sweet, with just a hint of tartness. The seeds are very high in dietary fiber, packed with vitamins and nutrients and the health benefits of eating pomegranates have been proven in 44 clinical trials done in 2013. They taste great, they are good for you and your kids will beg for more! Get your butt to Costco. Now.

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