Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bargain of the Year for Lobster Tails

I was just paging through the latest Allen Brothers catalog. They have spectacular products, but their pricing is just outrageous. I stopped at their seafood page to calculate the cost of their cold-water North Atlantic lobster tails....and it came out to a jaw-dropping $69.98 per pound.

You can find lobster tails at Byerly's and Lunds for around $30.00 per pound. If you go to Costco on the weekend, they have fresh lobster tails for $19.99 per pound.

But for the best buy in lobster tails, head to the frozen food section at Costco. They are selling frozen lobsters in bulk....5 pounds of lobster tails per box. The tails are 8-10 ounces each and the cost of the tails? Just $15.52 per pound. And there's no easier way to cook them than by tossing them on the grill:

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