Monday, May 14, 2012

Weapon of Choice: Multi Pot

I bought this little gem of a pot two years ago and I find that I'm using it a lot. I originally bought it to help me make reductions. So often a recipe will say "add three cups and reduce to one cup". I get that, but I could never tell how much of my reduction was left without pouring the hot liquid out into a measuring cup. This ingenious design solved has measurement markings on the inside of the pot, so I can tell exactly and precisely how much is in the pot.

Then I found that it is a great pot for melting butter. The handle stays nice and cool to the touch and the spout allows me to pour without spilling. It's also proven to be a great little pot for making rice, quinoa and farro. It's got a strainer top that allows me to pour off excess liquid and just the grains remain in the pot.

This quality, 8-cup capacity pot is manufactured by Norpro. It's made with Krona stainless-steel that has a layer of aluminum sandwiched in the bottom for great heat conduction. It sells for $39.95 on the Chef's catalog site. You can check it out here, as well as the 40+ reviews:

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