Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Roasting Chicken Ever

Roast chicken is one of our favorite meals. We had it last night, but it was a whole new experience for you simply must try.

I've been buying organic chickens for years and they tasted just fine. On Monday, I bought a Miller air-chilled, organic chicken from the new Whole Foods store in Edina. It was spectacular, and without a doubt, the best tasting, roast chicken I have ever had.

Let me get your first fear out of the way was not expensive. In fact, it was value priced at only $2.79 per pound. Just head to the Whole Foods butcher shop, pick out your chicken from the glass display and you are on your way to an incredible taste treat.

The chicken are raised in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. They are naturally grown, fed a totally vegetarian diet (no meat by-products) and 100% antibiotic free.

Once processed, the chickens are air-chilled, which is a relatively new method for the U.S., but has been used for several years in Europe and Canada. Conventional chilling methods use water immersion, which adds moisture, but not flavor, to the birds. Each Miller chicken is individually chilled in a cooling chamber, which does an exceptional job of sealing in the natural juices and flavor.

Many of the birds that get processed with water are frozen and then stored in a warehouse. Not Miller chickens. These chickens are so incredibly fresh...such a departure from what I have been used to seeing as to be remarkable.

Judy, Patrick, Sean and I noticed the difference in taste from the very first bite. Flavorful and exceptional were the two adjectives that popped into my head. And I did nothing out of the ordinary to prepare it...just used my favorite roast chicken recipe:

So get your butt to Whole Foods. I spent a whopping $10.21 on my Miller chicken and it proved to be one of the very best roast chickens in my 59 years of eating roast chickens. Okay, maybe 58...because it took awhile for my teeth to grow in. But there is no need for you to wait as long.


  1. Monday, May 7...Just got back from Whole Foods and these chickens are on sale for just $2.49 a pound. Yippee!

  2. They are indeed the best chickens. We have a fabulous store our here called Wegmans. When they moved into northern VA they pretty much destroyed the competituon. Try it also on the grill as a vertical beer can chicken. Faster cook time.