Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garlic Olive Oil: Get It While You Can!

This is one of my very, very favorite products: Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Yes, you'll find it right now at Costco. But, inexplicably, they carry it for only a few months each summer. Then it is gone. Utterly maddening.

This great olive oil is made in Broccostella, Italy. I use copious amounts of it on pasta. It's also great for dipping bread. Just about anything you use olive oil for benefits from the extra kick of the garlic.

I go to Costco weekly and for as long as they have it, I'm buying six to ten of the 34 ounce bottles at a time. I did the same last year, but still ran out by early winter. Perhaps I should just shut up and buy it by the case?

It has a shelf life of nearly two years and you'll find it in the same aisle as the rest of their olive oils. It sells for $7.49 and a bottle holds 34 ounces of liquid gold. Check back tomorrow and I'll post a simple pasta recipe that uses this oil.

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