Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Year, Just Turkey Parts

This year I'm cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for fifteen people. So by the turkey  rule of thumb, I would need 30 pounds of turkey...two 15-pounders would do the trick. No biggie as I have done that in the past:

The problem is that my family members fall into two distinct camps: the white-meat-breast-eaters and the dark-meat-leg-eaters. This gets complicated insomuch that the latter far outnumber the former. So by going the traditional two turkey route, only four of the dark-meat-leg-eaters are going to be happy.

So this year I just bought parts. The dark-meat-leg-eaters will get to feast upon twelve, delicious turkey legs and the white-meat-breast-eaters will have five, brilliantly roasted turkey breasts to choose from.

Parts is parts.

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