Saturday, March 16, 2019

Corned Beef with Bernaise Sauce

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I will make one of my favorite meals of the year...Corned Beef with Bernaise Sauce. It will be a breeze to make because I have a fantastic "dump it all in the slow cooker and walk away" recipe.

I am here to tell you that you have not lived until you have tasted Bernaise Sauce on corned beef. It takes the taste of the corned beef to the power of 10! And since I'm making a lazy meal in the slow cooker, I'm going to use my favorite lazy sauce recipe from my favorite German sauce peddler. Knorr Bernaise Sauce. It will take you a whopping 4 minutes to make a really awesome Bernaise sauce.

1 corned beef brisket*, 3-4 pounds
2 medium onions, cut into quarters
5 ribs celery, cut into chunks
1 tablespoon prepared mustard (stone ground preferred)
2 cups chicken stock
12-ounces of beer (lager or pilsner)
1 packet Knorr Bernaise Sauce

*My favorite corned beef is made by that famous Irishman, Sy Ginsberg. It is available at Costco...and it's cheaper than wieners! It's so cheap, I buy three. I cook one and toss the others in the freezer for  feasts at a later date.


  1. Place onions and celery on the bottom of your slow cooker. Add stock, beer and mustard.
  2. Set brisket on top of onions and celery, fat-side up. Sprinkle meat with seasoning packet (which comes packed in your brisket). Put lid on slow cooker and cook on low for 10 hours.
  3. Make Bernaise sauce per package instructions. Remove brisket. Slice and serve with the Bernaise sauce.

Wine pairing: Pinot Noir

Grogs and Goldie, 1956

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