Saturday, August 16, 2014

Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken

This recipe is so simple that a two-year old could make it blindfolded. It requires absolutely no cooking skills. It's this simple: put a slow cooker on your counter and add the ingredients. Turn crockpot on.

There. That wasn't too tough for you, was it? I didn't think so. So now you can prepare this delicious dish from scratch, impress every one in your family and all you need are the culinary skills of an invertebrate.

If you are eating Paleo, you can serve the sesame chicken over arugula, spinach or quinoa. If it's been a heavy CrossFit day for me and I want to replenish my carbs, I'll serve it over sticky rice: This recipe from Family Fresh Meals serves four to six people.

2 pounds boneless/skinless chicken thighs
Salt and pepper
1 cup honey
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup diced onion
1/4 cup ketchup
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 teaspoons cornstarch dissolved in 3 Tablespoons water
Toasted sesame seeds

  1. In a large bowl, combine onion, garlic, honey, soy sauce, ketchup, olive oil and red pepper. 
  2. Season chicken thighs with salt and pepper, to taste. Place chicken thighs into a slow cooker. Add honey mixture and gently toss to combine. Cover and cook on low heat for 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  3. Remove chicken from crock pot with a slotted spoon, leaving sauce behind. Dissolve 2 teaspoons of cornstarch in 3 tablespoons of water and pour into crock pot. Stir to combine with sauce. Replace lid and cook sauce on HIGH for ten more minutes until the sauce has thickened.
  4. Cut chicken into cubes and return to slow cooker. Toss chicken in pot to mix with the sauce.
  5. Serve over rice and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. 

Wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc (preferably from New Zealand)

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