Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weapon of Choice: Cut-Proof Gloves

I use a mandolin to do a lot of my slicing. It's a spectacular tool that makes uniform cuts and slices as thin or as thick as I want. While it comes with a guide that is used to move the food over the slicing blade, often the food is too delicate. When that occurs, I use my hand to move the food over the blade.

However, mandolins are razor sharp and it would be way too easy to slice off a big chunk of flesh or a favorite finger. So when I am using my mandolin, I don these cut-proof gloves. They are made from industrial-strength fiber and are both cut and slash resistant.

I also use them with my knives when I am cutting food, especially when the cuts are thin and the danger of slicing my hand is greatest. They only cost $13.95 and that represents some of the cheapest protection out there against one of the greatest dangers in the kitchen. Check them out here:

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