Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Wine Bargain

Sometimes you just want a glass of red wine. But if you open that bottle to get a glass of wine, re-cork it and then get another glass the next day...that second glass will taste like dog vomit something you do not want in your mouth. That's because oxygen destroys the fruity taste of the wine. Box wine solves that problem by keeping the wine in a vacuum bladder, eliminating any contact with air. But for those who have gone the box wine route, that stuff tastes like goat urine bad fruit water from the get go. But I found one that bucks that trend.

Actually, I did not find it. Wine Spectator did. And I found it while reading the magazine's issue on "Value Wines"....or what you and I would call bargains. Wine Spectator gave Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon an 87 point rating. Now, 87 points is a really good score for a bottle of wine. For a box wine, it is extraordinary. So I bought a box and it was really good. Here's the best part.
It only costs $22 and holds the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine. That comes out to $5.50 per bottle. Better yet, the wine stays delicious for 4 weeks after you open it. No degradation in taste whatsoever. So this gets a definite buy recommendation from me.

But be forewarned. You will like this wine well enough to think that you should try some of the other Black Box wines. Chardonnay, perhaps? Maybe their Pinot Noir? I went down that path and everything else they make tastes like cow mucus a year old box of Juicy Juice. So buy the Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon and call it a day.

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  1. OMG, you are too funny! Definitely do not want to drink dog vomit, so I will give this a shot! THanks for your awesome review!