Saturday, March 5, 2016

Grogs' Top Ten Grilling List

With the snowpack all but gone in Minnesota, it's grilling time on the Grogs' deck. I've fired up the grill twice in the last week to cook steaks over charcoal and mesquite. But being a charcoal griller, I'm in the minority as 67% of grillers cook over gas. Yes, gas is quicker and easier....but I am madly in love with the taste that charcoal imparts to my food.

I use a Weber Performer for grilling. It uses a small propane tank to light the charcoal, which makes getting a fire going a breeze. For years, I have lusted after a Kalamazoo grill. These are the Rolls Royce of grills...and are priced accordingly. They average about $15,000.

What makes them unique is that they are a triple fuel grill. You can grill with wood, charcoal or gas.....or any combination of the three. Like the Weber Performer, you can use the propane burners to get your charcoal going. While these grills are awesome, at the end of the day, the food that comes off of the $15,000 Kalamazoo grill will taste identical to the food that comes off of the $400 Weber grill.

Rumor has it that Weber has taken notice of the margins at the high end of the market and are going to roll out a more moderately priced version of the Kalamazoo grill called the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. That's supposed to happen next month, so I will keep you posted when I learn more.

Today's list features my top ten grilling meals....the ones I enjoy eating the most. It's actually a top twelve list, as two of the items are carried over from my all-time favorite top ten list of two weeks ago: the Cajun Pork Chop and Grilled Lobster Tail.

This time I will confess to a very favorite grilling recipe: Bone-In Ribeye with Lone Star Rub. This is my very favorite meal of all time. If I were on death row and scheduled to be executed the next morning, this would be my final meal. Nothing else comes close. So here you go:

Swordfish Steaks with Jalapeño Mint Sauce

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