Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camera Technology is About to Make a Quantum Leap: Welcome to Lytro

Being a good food blogger requires that you also be a good food photographer. While I strive to do a good job with the former, it is really tough with the latter. Basically, I do not have the patience to carefully compose the picture with the requisite lighting, lenses and camera settings. I'm in a hurry to write and move on. Ready. Fire. Aim.

I have the equipment....a Canon DSLR. But I hardly ever use it as it requires too much work on my part. So I opt for the iPhone or iPad, not exactly the Mount Olympus of picture quality, but they get the job done. Plus, it's so easy to email the photos to my blog from either of those devices. And with the "High Dynamic Range" option on my iPhone (which automatically brackets each photo with 3 different light settings), I can get some pretty darn good pictures.

However, photography is all about to change. There is a brand new technology out there called "Light Field Camera". This revolutionary camera allows you to shoot the picture without focusing. It records the complete and total image and then you can go in after the fact and change the many times as you want.

This technology will change everything and, as someone who has no patience for photographic minutiae, I can't wait. Check this new technology out at:

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