Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weapon of Choice: Microwave Pasta Cooker

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, I'm about as cynical as they come. I can't begin to tell you the number of kitchen gadgets that arrived in the mail only to have their little lives snuffed out in the garbage can a few days later. It's happened to me so many times that I just don't buy them any more.

Cooking pasta is a bit of a pain. You have to fill a huge pot full of water and heat it to boiling....which usually takes about 30 minutes to get up to speed...then another 12 to cook it. A little while ago I was watching a cooking show and saw an ad for the "Fasta Pasta" microwave pasta cooker.

While I was intrigued, I was also skeptical. So I dialed up my favorite shopping site,, and headed for the reviews. Lo and behold there were 800+ reviews for this product....with 97% of them giving it a 5 star rating. And priced at just $14.99, that was a pretty low barrier for acquisition.

So I ordered one and I'm here to tell you this thing is slicker than frog hair. Ridiculously easy to use and the end results are fantastic. You can use the lid to measure your pasta and then you can use the corresponding marks on the side to fill it with cold water (you can use it to cook anywhere from 4 to 16 ounces of pasta).

Then you set your pasta in the tray, fill it to the correct level with cold water and set it in your microwave (you cook the pasta without the cover). Turn your microwave on high and 14 minutes later you have perfect, al-dente spaghetti.

Then you simply slap the lid back on and drain the water. That's all there is to it. Not only is it so stinking easy, you'll use a lot less energy and water to cook up your pasta. Clean up is a breeze as you can just pop it in your dishwasher. It will cook up any kind of pasta, from lasagna noodles to ravioli...even shell pasta and egg noodles. It's my preferred weapon of choice for easy pasta cooking and you can check it out here:

Wine pairing: I prefer to sip a nice, fruity Merlot while my pasta cooks.

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